AYSO Coaching

safe havenVolunteers are the lifeblood of AYSO. To ensure the safety of both children and volunteers, each volunteer is required to take a short in-person or online training session called Safe Haven®. It focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as first aid and other on-field issues. Agreeing to a background check is also required for each volunteer.

You will need to get your eAYSO ID Number from your coach administrator to complete the Safe Haven® training.

socorro soccer coach Here is a list of articles from AYSO that offer some really good tips on how to coach kids soccer.

Coaches have to deal with all sorts of scenarios week in and week out. Each week John Ouellette will address a question that has been sent in by an AYSO coach. If you have a question that you want answered please e-mail John (heycoach@ayso.org).


coaching You will need to get your eAYSO ID Number from the U6 coach administrator to complete the online U6 certification. Getting certified is quick and easy. Go to eayso.org to create an account, then complete the volunteer form. Once you have been entered into the system your coach administrator will have your eAYSO PIN.

Regardless of your soccer knowledge, U6 is the perfect age to get involved coaching your child.

coachingHere is a list of practice drills for U6 kids. Putting together 3 or 4 of these drills each practice will really help fill the time with games that teach kids the fundamentals. U6 Training